Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So sunday i was hanging out at katie's and we decided to go for a little walkkk so i could look at some yarn.... i know i don't need any (my stash is obscene as it is) but i always like to look :)
i ended up buying this beautiful little hank: it's reynolds top stitch dk weight cotton in berry mix....... i LOVED it the second i saw it and it wasn't expensive so i don't feel that guilty. i also saw a noro yarn that i loved but it wasss expensive.... i really wanted it because i don't usually like noro that much but this one looked so gorgeous.... it would knit up like this: buttttttt i can always go back and get it or get it cheaper online if i decide i realllllly want it....
also i just wanted to share these pictures i found.... caroline showed me the first one which she took in old city.... it's part of a movement called "yarn bombing" hah and it's like graffiti but with yarn.... i don't know who would bother to do it but i appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!! it adds little bits of color to life in a sometimes gray city.....

These are all some of the fancier ones but i have seen plenty of smaller ones around our own city.... i know there is one around 15th and spruce so i'll have to walk to work that way sometime this week and take a picture :)

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