Thursday, June 10, 2010

Old News

so my friend michael gave me these amazing old magazines..... he always sees me knitting and thought i would appreciate them and boy was he rightttttt! one is a copy of "ladies home journal" from 1914!!!! it is fascinating.... i need to get a plastic cover.... he also gave me a copy of "peterson's magazine" from 1887- WHAT!!!! this is such a treat..... i LOVE old shit..... then he gave me a folder of a bunch of old magazines but they are mostly just single pages but it's incredible to see the similarities between centuries worth of fashion :) he is super thoughtful and i feel so lucky!
here is the cover and back of peterson's.... the middle part was in tact but the cover had ripped off.... obvs....
these are some of the adds inside petersons...... notice the adds for corsets, opium and skirt hoops.... amazing....
close up of the cover.... i cannot believe i own something from 1887.... i am going to treasure this..... thanks michael!!!!!!!!!

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