Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chocolate Heaven

Last night we went to Max Brenner's which is a chocolate themed heavennnnn...... rachel busted out her camera so i am excited to have some photos of our evening :)

we were playing with her camera because we want to be better at taking professional looking pictures hahaha..... she took these and i think the powdered sugar one is beeeeeautiful! the ice cream one just makes me hungry ;)

i took this one of the spoon hahahhaah it's a dumb picture but i think i worked the macro feature quite well!my hands were dyed blue, i wasn't just freezing :(
Kathy, Rae & Renee
Today we went to a flea market and got a late lunch on south street but i wasn't feeling well afterwards so i came home and slept all afternoon.... i think it's a combination of too much caffeine, too little water/food and the crazy HEAT..... sun fever or something..... but i'm feeling a little better now after some rest and i'm going to use the evening to start knitting a tank top! i have been wanting to do this for so long but i rarely have enough time to sit down and learn a new pattern so this is good..... i'll keep you updated ;)

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