Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Me, Steph & Dan
phew this weekend FLEW by....... but what fun!!!!!
friday i got out of work early and then did the usual friday stuff.... saturday some of my old college friends were in town so i met up with them for lunch and sat in the park for awhile. it was so good to see them- i was a little nervous because it's been so long but it was truly a pleasure :) those are some GREAT ladies.... and gents :)
some of the j-tower gang in washington square
Marion & Mccormack
Meg & Monica
saturday night i just went over katies with a few girls to play trivial persuit but none of us were very good so we ended up just sitting and talking for most of the night... maggie brought ice cream cones and we had sooo much candy- it was a lot of fun.... i also finished my first tequila sunset anklet!!!! i had put it on the back burner awhile ago but i finally got it doneeee.... i am almost done with the second one now.
Maggie & Katie at Jenna's
sunday i went to a bbq at jenna's to celebrate abby and robyn's 1 and 2 year anniversaries.... the day was like 20984 degrees out but it was so much fun regardless... then that night me and katie and colleen went to maggie's friend's new apartment to hang out. they moved like 3 blocks away from me so they are now my new neighbors :) i know her friend matt quite well, but had never met tanya before. although maggie has talked about her so much over the past year that i can't believe i haven't met her hahaha and i feel like i know her. anyways here are pics from the bbq.....
The beautifulllllll celebrants
desperately trying to stay cool

Cutsie Robyn with a parasol :)

Yesterday was even hotter than sunday.... i met up with my college lovebugs again for brunch and then i was gonna go back to Maggie's friend's place for some more ice cream cones but i really was scared i would PASS OUT from the heat haha so i stayed inside close to the ac which was a baaaad idea! i learned that when it's THAT hot, i need to force myself to go and be around people because staying inside when i don't want to just because of the weather puts me in an awful mood hahah i felt like i was on timeout or something..... i need to get over the heat if i'm gonna make it through the next 4 months..... i swear it wasn't this hot last summer!!!!

ugh.... anyways on the upside, i finished season 4 of the wire hah :) that was enjoyable at least.... and i had a nice cool smoothie for din din made of vanilla frozen yogurt, oj, strawberries, mangos and blueberries.... the good thing about the heat is it totally nixes my appetite hah.... yay :)

later blogger ;) xoxox

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