Tuesday, June 8, 2010


yayayayayyyyyy my noro fiiiiiiiinally arrived!!!!! i'm so exciteddd...... my tank top may get put on the back burner (till this weekend anyways hah) so i can start on a shawl! i'm using these projects off ravelry for inspiration.... click on any of them to be attached to their patterns.
ok i know this last one isn't noro but it's still inspirational ;)

mmmm sooo prettyyy............ mittens loved the yarn too heheh..........
even maverick came to take a look!
maverick is super hard to take pictures of.... he is verrry skittish and shy and very few people ever get the pleasure of getting to know him. however, once you win him over he is a total lovebug :)
anywaysssss that's all for now.... gonna play around with patterns and then probably start with the noro kureyon #219!

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