Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two Weeks Notice :(

i gave my notice at work today.... it's official. i am changing my life :)

sarah got me this nanny job that will allow me to work part time and perfectly cover my living expenses while i go back to school... i'll be getting a master's in early childhood education, btw :)... anyways in the meantime i will be taking care of two infants (YIKES) over in northern liberties... one baby boy, logan, who is 3 months, and one baby girl, lilly, who is 5 months (they aren't siblings heh, they are neighbors).... i'm really nervous but i'm very excited too.....

this is a great opportunity and fits exactly the job description i need right now, so why do i feel so uncomfortable?

well, a few reasons.... for one, i am giving up a job that has been my life ever since i moved to philadelphia. yes, my job can be hectic and stressful, but i have worked very hard to build a successful relationship with my boss and earn stability in my life. letting go of that is not going to be easy.

also, i'm a bit.... um... neurotic, shall we say? so getting used to a new routine is going to be a shock... i like what i know... i like calm and comfort and i don't like risks. i'm not at all surprised that i'm feeling overwhelmed even though i planned this out responsibly and maturely.... that's just my nature. still, i guess i'm a little MORE overwhelmed than i anticipated.

oh well.... the plan has been laid out, now all i have to do is put one foot in front of the other....

within a few weeks i am sure i will have adapted, but right now i am restless and afraid.

thank goodness i have a relationship with god that i can fall back on no matter what.... without that, i would never have been able to do any of this. even if this all turns into a big mess i know that i will be ok... the absolute worst case scenario (yes i think about this haha) is i burn through all my life savings and end up homeless.... i know all about shelters haha i will be taken care of no matter what....... god's plan may not turn out the way i want it to, but no matter how it turns out i have faith that i will be ok :)

sweet dreams, blogger... get ready for a whole new life....


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