Friday, July 30, 2010

New Bike

yayyyyyyyyyy check out mah new wheels!!!!! isn't it beeeeautiful?!?! i just picked it up this morning and i cannot WAIT to get this bad boy on the road ;)
ohhhh blogger, things have been great lately... i decided to only nanny until classes start and then do full time school which i was nervous about but it's actually financially feasible and i'm excited now :) the last thing i have to figure out is health insurance which is pretty easy to figure out i'm just lazzzyyy.... oh and i need a desk... i'm pretty sure i found one but i haven't decided for sure yet.... i'll deal with that next week....
ok i'm gonna go read on the roof.... i was having trouble relaxing with so much free time before but now i am pretty damn comfortable with it :) i am a happy girl....

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