Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Summertime

richmond, virginia
ahhh things got really busy for a minute there and i didn't bother blogging but i am BACK........
so my last day at work was really reaaaaaaaally sad but nice. we got a big chinese feast and it was so hard to leave but it's ok.
then that night i flew up to massachusetts to see my best friend from high school, dorr, get married. it was the most amazing wedding i have ever been to... it was like a cozier version of the wedding from "wedding crashers." they rented these beautiful cottages in mashpee, cape cod, for the wedding party and the reception was held in big tent overlooking the ocean.... i didn't take any pictures but i will steal some from dorr when she gets back from her honeymoon.... here are the only two i have for now....
heather, dorr and i at the rehearsal dinner <3>
these were my two best friends in medfield...
that's dorr, the bride, to my right..... i love her so much.
then i spent the next day, which was the 4th of july, at my mother's house in medfield. both of my brothers were home so i got to spend some time with them which was really nice. here are a few pictures from that....this is my brother's pet rabbit, hannah. it's a boy though hah he named him before he found out but decided to keep the name.... hannah is the sweetest little bunny i have ever met!
we set off some fireworks in the yard that night..... i couldn't get any good pictures though but trust me they were pretty nice :)
we also did sparklersss
it was really nice to spend that time with my brothers. it's also always comforting to fall asleep to the sound of crickets and know that time stands still in some places.
thennnnnn i came back to philly and had my first day nannying! it was exhausting but i can tell i am going to love it once i get settled :) the babies are adorable and SO well behaved. they only cry when they are hungry, tired or need to be changed. it's so weird i have never met such well tempered babies hahha.
anyways so then that weekend i took a road trip with maggie down to richmond, virginia to visit her brother jp. it was incredible- i had no idea richmond was so beautiful! here are a bunch of pics from that....
Maggie & JP
we had an ice cream and movie fest.... mmmm and i finished my socks finally!
sunday we rode bikes down to this amazing river and swam around for awhile. it was unreal... i got a little dehydrated which sucked but it was sooo worth it ;)
that's me behind maggie doing some "rock climbing" bahah
i lovedddd richmond and had so much fun with maggie and jp and his roommates. they have a pretty sweet life down there.... i wish we had a river like that here in philly.... all we have is the nasty shuylkill hahha ew.......
so thennnn i had my second week nannying and then this weekend i went to lancaster with rachel, steph and katie. i don't have any pictures from that but it was a lot of fun :)
so yeah it has been a hectic few weeks and any spare time i had was spent on the phone with financial aid or school and trying to get things squared away.... but it looks like most of my stuff is taken care of now (fingers crossed) so i will be back to updating the blog regularly :) i refuseeee to leave philly for the next few weekends heheh i missed my cats too much!!!!!!
alright blogger, i'm gonna go for a run....

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