Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Escaping the City For a Moment

this weekend we decided to sneak out of philly for a relaxing day on the delaware river. we rented tubes and let the current float us along for a good 5 hours.... it was wonderful and amazingly relaxing. the river was calm mostly but during the afternoon we encountered a few tiny "rapids" and did almost lose stephanie! really her only danger was drowning from laughter and this trip was just what i needed right now. some solid girltime... well some guys came with us but most of my floating was done with just stephanie and rachel and i needed to giggle with my girls :)every few months i get really bummed that i haven't been dating. frankly i haven't had the opportunity (no one i'm interested in has asked me out... in a VERY long time....) and i usually don't mind as my life is pretty full already, but i dunno, i can't help getting lonely every now and then. so this little escape was a huge help in making me grateful for the amazing friendships i have in my life and it reminded me how blessed i am to have the ability to laugh so hard my tummy hurts :).... sober laughter- there is absolutely nothing like it as far as i'm concerned... it's my favorite thing ever........
and this is at 8:30 am.... if u told me 2 years ago that i'd be awake and laughing that hard at 8:30 on a saturday morning i would have... laughed at u hahhaha....... get it?! hahhahha oh man no wonder i am single :( hahhaathese pics came out bad because we had to use a disposable waterproof camera but i kinda like the effect in some of them haha doesn't this look like it's the 60s or 70s or something!?
the beautiful delaware river
miss stephanie
the river bottom.... it was so clear and shallow the whole way!
i cannot wait to go back and do this again.... sighhhhhh i love natureeeeee :) it was definitely hard to come back to the stuffy city streets... next time we will have to camp overnight.... hahah i can't picture those two camping but then again i'm no girlscout myself.... maybe with enough bug spray though........

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