Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Central

The 3 bday girls blowing out an ice cream/brownie/funnel cake mix at North Bowl
So this past weekend was a big non-stop celebration.... jody, christin and rachel all had bdays at the same time and they were important bdays! 21, 25 and 30! so friday the ladies took jody out dancing but i was tired so i just went to the dinner portion (or ice cream portion) of the evening... then saturday i had a few people over to play trivial pursuit steal. it was a mixed bag of people which was awesome and we just stayed up late laughing and i got to know some people i never hung out with before which was wonderful.
Sunday morning we had a huge brunch at darling's diner in northern liberties and then went to north bowl. brunch was delish and bowling was so much fun... i used to hate bowling, i think because i hated having to get up in front of everyone hahah and i don't think i have touched a bowling ball since an awkward triple date senior year of high school ha but this was SO different! i wasn't very good but i had so much fun trying and can't wait to go back :)
Mark before tackling his hipster's paradise pancakes
North Bowl
My hotshot moves....
I didn't win but at least I tied Christin ;)
Then a few of us went to christin's to hang out for the evening and then we got dinner and went back to her place for cake and coffee. i ended up staying late looking through her old yearbooks and photo albums from her 20's and i think by midnight she had made peace with turning 30... sort of :) that was a lot of fun too because i got to know christin's friend betsy who i really like and it was nice to have some girl talk and hear about christin's past too...
Then today it was back to normal life. It's the first week of spring but it feels like January :( I was going to run after work but I ended up getting coffee and trying to stay warm instead!
Ok, blogger... thanks for listening. check ya later.... xoxox

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