Monday, April 11, 2011

Alaska Bound :)

So Christin has been traveling a lot for work lately and it's given me the travel bug.... the first place she went was Abu Dhabi for a trade show for work and when she got back we looked at pics over breakfast and that was when I first got the itch to explore... then she went to Singapore for another show and after that it was official- I needed to leave Philadelphia asap! Right now she is in Brazil which is the last of her business travels and then I finally get to join her on a trip in July!!! Last week we booked a cruise with Norwegian that will take us through the Alaskan Inside Passage and into Canada. I bought the book above to start studying up :) I have always thought Alaska would be a fun place to visit but didn't realize how affordable it is... Someday I would love to rough it and hike through the glaciers and stuff, but I don't know if that will ever actually happen hah.... I do have some old Grizzly Bear Mace that Sam gave me hhahahah he goes to Alaska every year to go fishing and hunting and one year he gave it to me so I would be "safe in the city." I think it would probably kill a human. I'm bringing it. No just kidding ;) although I am DYING to see a bear.... a moose would be cool too, but a bear would be better... seals too.... ahh I'm so exciteddd...... I also want to go kayaking... Christin wants to do ziplining but I'm a little nervous about that.... I don't know, I am weak for peer pressure so I will probably end up doing it... and probably end up loving it hah. We also might rent a jeep and go off on our to explore the wilderness!!! I kind of want to try fishing.... I went to Marathon tonight with Caroline and Sarah which was really fun. I have never hung out with Sarah before so I was excited :) she is awesome. I also spent some time with Maggie this afternoon for the first time in ages so that was nice. I have been missing her! She is running the Boston Marathon this weekend. I will be trying to break 8 miles this weekend which is MY marathon ahhaaha...... I have to be able to do 10 by the end of April because Broad Street is coming up quickly. I will run tomorrow... maybe I'll try 6 tomorrow- I haven't broken 5 since fall ha.... but I have to get up early anyway to visit a school for observations so maybe I will run after that... although I liked my night-time run last week.... Ok I'm going to go read my Alaska book before bed :)

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