Sunday, April 17, 2011


This was a quiet weekend but a nice one... the weather was all over the place! friday was nice and i sat up on the roof of my building and read and napped all afternoon. friday night i watched a standup special by the comedian, kathleen madigan which i LOVED.... i had an early night and a very productive morning saturday. i went running and made it to the grocery store and back to my apartment JUST before the monsoons began... then i took the world's greatest nap :) saturday night i went to a meeting and then to midtown diner where i stayed until like 1 am with my friend cort and his friend john. i have seen john all over town the past few years but had never spoken to him so that was wonderful and it was fun to get to know cort a little better as well.
today was gorrrrrgeous out and my friends have organized a softball team so i went to their game and cheered them on. i am not a competitive athlete at all haha but i am a good fan :) i brought homemade macaroons which i baked this morning before heading back up to my roof. i got a little sunburned and i was only out there for like an hour! i love me some sun and i love spring because it's not HOT it's just right :)
the softball game was a disappointment hahah our team was SO BAD that they called it a "mercy game" and called it quits after the 5th inning! i felt so bad hahah but it's all in fun and i know they will get better as the season progresses. i'll be cheering even if they suck though because they are all winners to me haaaaaaa :)
what else happeneddddd this weekend hmm......... i saw two of my students which i think is way more exciting for me than it is for them hahah... i saw one of my preschoolers at the grocery store yesterday and then i saw one of my afterschoolers at the park today! i love seeing them- it makes me so happy hah... i really enjoy my job... i love the weekends but i gotta say, it's so nice to enjoy the weekdays too. i found carrot and onion seeds this weekend that i'm so excited to share with the class tomorrow because we have a root viewer thing so they can watch the vegetables grow under ground haha... i love sam but i was never PUMPED about my old job. teaching preschool feels good and it feels right. this week is "w" week heh.... life is good :)
thanks for listening, blogger.

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