Thursday, April 28, 2011

HaPpY EaStEr!!!!!

Not much going on lately... last weekend was fun though- it was Easter :) Saturday I had an impromptu game night and then Sunday I had a few of my girlfriends over to decorate eggs. It was a blast... here are some pics:
I made chocolate filled croissants and Irish potato candies.... also here are rachel and christin eating some of the leftover eggiesss :) I had Monday off (Friday too) for Spring Break and it was like 90 degrees which was amazing.... I ended up running Monday night since it was too hot during the day. Tuesday and Wednesday I didn't run at all and I have yet to break 6 miles.... Broad street is in 3 DAYS and I am NERVOUS hahah.... last year I was petrified though, at least this year I know what I'm in for... I'm so excited :)
Gonna run now real quick while it's dry out.... this whole week has been on and off thunderstorms....

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