Monday, April 4, 2011

New York, New York...

So I spent the weekend in New York with Amanda and Andrew. I got there Friday night and Amanda and I got thai food in Chelsea and then went back to her place in Brooklyn and stayed up late looking at our old middle school yearbooks.... we laugheddd and laughed at how weird we were and how strange it is that those notes and memories are like 15 years old... I didn't remember most of what we had written but manda's memory of that period of our lives is remarkable and she had me in stitches as she described what each codename and inside joke meant :)
Saturday we slept in and then manda took me into Manhattan to explore... we started off in SOHO and then moved into the West Village. She works in the corporate office for a company called Fresh which is owned by Louis Vuitton and carries makeup and lotions and stuff so we dropped in on one the stores so she could show me... here's a pic of the shop :)
Once we were tired of walking and shopping we met up with Andrew and got a late lunch at an adorable cafe in the village...
Then we wandered a little more and got espresso and headed back to Brooklyn... We got take out pizza from a place called Sam's which they said is a Brooklyn classic and it was deeeelish... we stayed in that night and watched creepy movies... Amanda suggested Human Centipede (probably not expecting me to say YES) hahah but I have been DYING to attempt to watch that movie- I have heard such horrific stories about it and I got so excited that we put it on the minute we got home... we forced poor Andrew to watch it against his will but after the few couple scenes we were both regretting that decision... it was possibly the most disturbing movie I've ever seen hahh but we finished the whole thing. Then we looked for a documentary on the mole people who live in the subways in NYC but we couldn't find anything so we watched one on this guy who was a cannibal and used to eat little children hahahahhahah I haven't laughed so hard as I did this weekend in quite awhile... I love Amanda so much. I can't express how thankful I am to have her back in my life.
Sunday I came back to Philadelphia pretty early... my friend Ellen passed away last week and I went to visit her husband, Patrick, after the funeral. She had cancer and I don't really know what to write about this so I'm gonna just say that it was a tragedy... Ellen was an amazing woman and an inspiration. It breaks my heart to think of her husband though. They were so in love. Like real love you know, like a happy marriage. I think that's so rare. I went to visit her in the hospital a few weeks ago and while it was so difficult to see her so sick all I could think of was how lucky she was to have her husband and sons who loved her so much. She died in Patrick's arms after he told her he loved her and while it's such a fucked up situation I can't help thinking there is no more peaceful way to go, you know? I hope some day I find someone who loves me the way he loves her.
Anyways, that was a sad afternoon but the outpouring of love at Ellen's home was beautiful and showed how many lives she touched.
Tonight I was feeling tired after the weekend so I went for a long run to clear my head. It was really warm today and this evening it cooled off to the perfect running temperature and the streets were peaceful and calming. I'm feeling full of gratitude and very content... I think I will fold some laundry and then go to bed.... sweet dreams, blogger.

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