Saturday, April 9, 2011

Perfect Spring Weekend

ahhhhhhh this was a beautiful day..... this weekend started off looking questionable because friday was a rainy wash of a day... i spent the morning sifting through my yarn stash combing skeins upon SKEINS of lions brand avocado... i must repeatedly be attracted to this color not realizing that i still have so much of it left and buy more!!! i also have quite a bit of rosy pinks and maroons.... then i started knitting these mitts for caroline which unfortunately i didn't finish by friday night... a few of us got dinner at continental to celebrate a big milestone in carolines life and then i went to a mtg and then had french fries at little petes and caught up with christin before she left saturday for a business trip to brazil. WE BOOKED OUR CRUISE!!!!!!!!! it's official- we will be sailing through alaska the week of july 4th :) i will write a whole separate post on that later....
anyways saturday mainly consisted of baking biscotti and rediscovering my espresso percolator thing...... how did i ever forget about that little gemmm..... saturday afternoon i went to caroline's for a party that went late into the evening... here are a couple i slept really late and woke up to a perfect spring day. i baked some more biscotti (here is the recipe... simple and delicious!). i was inspired to figure out how to make these when i accidentally overbaked chocolate cookies a few weeks ago- what a blessing in disguise ha.... biscotti just means "twice baked" and these little biscuit-style cookies are amazing... today i made them with almonds and dipped one side of them in melted chocolate.... YUM. these will def be a staple in my baking repertoire from now on.
then this afternoon i went to a park near the art museum for a game of wiffle ball. i wimped out and didn't play but i cheered :) then afterwards we went to jason's and had a little cookout. i love this weather.... tomorrow it's supposed to be like 85 degrees and i can't wait to enjoy it. i miss sam but i do NOT miss my desk.........
i just discovered this band called "fun" that have become obsessed with over the past two days.... i HIGHLY recommend checking them out :) particularly this song called "be calm." i can't get enough....

alright... early night for me. i drank too much rockstar last night and was up until 4 AM knitting and watching movies ha.... sweet dreams, blogger.

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