Saturday, May 7, 2011

Broad Street Run Results Are In!

The Broad Street Run was last weekend!!! It was perfect weather and I ran the whole thing this year (last year I had to walk a little bit around the 8th mile)!!!! I ran slow though, and I only beat my last year's time by 10 seconds hah but hey, at least I run at a consistent pace, right? ;)
It felt so good to finish and I saw lots of people I know... I even saw one of my students on the sidelines with his mother! It was very exciting :) I can't wait for next year... I was going to do another 10 miler in June but I was sooo sore all week (more than last year) I think I will just stick with a 10k or 8 miler instead.... There's a good one in Stone Harbor at the end of the summer I'm going to try and get to... Today I ran for the first time since the race and it felt good to run with no pressure :)... I ran down to the stadiums which is, ironically, right along Broad Street heh... next up- the loop!

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