Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Gift for Mama

Hi, blogger.... I have been crafting up a storm all week and here is the first project I finished! It's dorky, I know, but I think it's a cute idea and it's good for the environment! It's a reusable swiffer cover which I made out of cotton yarn so that rather than buying swiffer cloths my mother can just wash and reuse this...
I also began knitting the summerflies shawl which has been in my ravelry queue for monthsss.... It's complicated and I rarely have time to knit complicated patterns so I'm excited to finally be working on it. I'm going to bring it to Alaska with me to do on the plane and during downtime.
On Monday I went and visited Spool for the first time and signed up for sewing classes! I'm so excited.... then yesterday I went to Rittenhouse Needlepoint and bought materials to begin making my own needlepoint designs as I have not been able to find ANY cute premade patterns.... I mean literally nothing haha I had to settle for a creepy little "cross eyed kitten" pattern to practice on which Colleen convinced me was acceptable enough (though I won't take it out in public).... I am thrilledddd to be designing my own patterns and am hoping to come up with something this evening... I love this little pouch but I'm going to start with something more basic like bookmarks for now..... Now I'm headed over to the Northface store to see if I can find a nice fleece. A friend of mine works there and tipped me off to their summer sale which is timely considering it starts today and I have to be packed by tomorrow. Ugh packing... it has been stressing me out a little this week but I always tend to be an under-packer which I think is the lesser of two evils and whatever I forget I can buy in the ports I'm sure... It's just so difficult to pack for a trip where the weather could (and probably will) be ranging from freezing to 75 degrees! I feel like I will end up packing at midnight tomorrow..... oh well bah that's the worst of my problems today ;)
Alright, blogger, check ya later.... xoxox

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