Thursday, June 9, 2011

Take Another Look...

Over the past month or so I have been noticing a major change in the way I view my work environment.... like when I first started at my job in November I was completely enchanted by the facility. It's basically a one room school house created out of an old church... we have a kitchen, bathrooms, an office and storage in the back, but all the magic takes place in one large open space. It's an old building with original dark woodwork and we have some of the pews saved and all this old cabinetry and it's just such a sharp contrast to the bright primary colors that remind you you're in a preschool. The room is broken down into areas... reading corner, house corner, a jungle gym, cubbies, bikes, art corner, science corner, and so on and so on.The first several months I was working here I would come in each day excited to discover new parts of the room that somehow remained hidden and I was mystified how ONE ROOM could be so full of surprises. Over the last month, however, I have noticed myself getting used to the environment and the brilliant colors are starting to dull a little bit. Not in a bad way though, it's just like where I used to feel like the room was so full and crowded I now don't notice the jungle gym or the turtle tank... It's like my eyes are adjusting or something and while I am aware of all of these things they have faded into my peripheral vision and all I really notice are the important things- the children flying around on bikes or the safety stuff. It's a really cool experience to be aware of and it got me thinking about how it has happened in my apartment too.
I <3 Philadelphia
I will have been living in Philadelphia for 5 years in September, 4 of which have been spent in the apartment I live in today. I love my apartment... it's the first place I have lived in on my own and I painted and decorated it myself carefully picking out each item over time so that it feels like my home. I know how much I love my apartment and yet it's so familiar to me that I forget! I take it for granted just like I'm starting to take my classroom for granted.
How do I take a place like this for granted?!?
So I'm experiencing this process of getting acclimated at school, and I feel the magic wearing off but since I'm aware of it I'm able to catch myself and like shift my eyes a little or something and look at the room the way I used to look at it... It's so cool and it has me wanting to try and see my apartment with fresh eyes too. If I stop for a minute and look around my living room or my bedroom my heart gets so full of gratitude. I have been trying to help myself see my living space the way I see it when I come home from a long trip or something but on a regular day.... this is hard to explain but like I will stop and look around and pretend I'm in someone else's apartment and then be SO excited that it's actually MY apartment and I'm the one who gets to live here hah..... I don't know if this makes any sense.... it's just a cool thing to be experiencing at school and it makes me appreciate my workspace and home in a deeper way. I guess I'm just trying not to take these places where I spend so much time for granted :)
I do the same thing with the city but not nearly as much. The change of seasons offers a constant reminder of how lucky I am to be living in such a beautiful place. Especially the park. It blows my mind year round. Right now it's soooooooo hot and the park is lush and green and you can't even see across because the trees are so full- it's like a tiny little jungle. In the autumn it will be nice to sit on a bench and sip a hot coffee and wear jeans a sweater and a scarf and watch the leaves fall. Winter is my absolute fave.... they put up the christmas lights and it's breathtaking and it's just impossible to take for granted. February and March are probably the only months where the park is not so pretty- it's just gray and desolate but those months are tough for me anyways and I feel like that will be a good time to practice gratitude for my apartment ;)... then spring rolls around and the magnolias and cherry blossoms bloom and the park comes back to life and it starts all over again. The rest of the city is beautiful of course but the park is a consistent source of gratitude for me.
Ok that's enough rambling tonight... time to shnuggle up in my bed which I NEVER take for granted because I love it so muchhhh it's sooooo comfy and cozy.
Sweet dreams, blogger...

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