Monday, August 8, 2011


Sooo...... I signed up for sewing lessons before Alaska and I finally had my first course! I taught myself to knit when I was 15 and I went about it all wrong.... MUCH smarter to take a few lessons in a craft up front rather than blindly feeling my way into it. I am OBSESSED with sewing already.... I once heard someone say "I was never not coming here" about something else and that's how I feel about this... I always knew I would learn to sew, it was just a matter of when.... I love fabric and have pieces of quilting scraps that I started saving when I was little even though I had no idea what they were for... I have so much to learn and I know I can't do it all right now in this tiny apartment so these classes are perfect for now. I know someday though I will want my own sewing machine and a comfortable space to store all of my knitting, papercraft and sewing materials... When that day comes I will really be able to let my creativity flow heh... one of my favorite things to do is creep around online and in crafting books/mags at other peoples' craft spaces.... I can't wait till I have my own :) The first class I took was an introduction class explaining how to use the machine and then we made a basic bag. I LOVE the fabric I choose and I am completely stunned at how good the piece turned out hahah I have to say I really didn't expect it to turn out so nicely!!!! That's the other beauty of not teaching yourself.... you don't waste years worth of time, fabric and energy before you get to astound yourself with completed objects!!!!!! I immediately signed up for another class to learn how to make a small zippered cosmetic pouch. Please excuse the poor quality pics of the bag- I left my camera at work so these were taken with my phone.
I also just bought a bunch of sewing books which I cannot WAIT to receive! I hate shopping online because I have no patience to wait for things to arrive and I never know where my credit card is anyway but I had a gift certificate from one of my students to amazon so these books were pretty much free which makes them even better despite the wait ;).... the bag one isn't just bags though it's like all sorts of little pouches and such which i LOVE................ok now I'm going to go knit since that's a craft I can enjoy today even with no desk or space besides my cozy bed... sweet dreams, blogger.

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