Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zippered Cosmetics Bag

I had my new sewing class yesterday morning and I made this adorable little zippered pouch!!! The fabric is by Anna Maria Horner and I matched it up with a pretty pink lining :) This pattern was super easy to follow and as I was finishing up (I was the slow one in the class so everyone else had left) I made a new friend who had taken the course a few months back and said she had made SIXTEEN of them the following weekend! She promised me I would become addicted to creating all pouches of all shapes and sizes and I don't doubt her for a minute. I am already dreaming of a laminate one for traveling toiletries, one for my knitting needles, millions for gifts and so on and so forth....... I think I'm going to take one more class to learn a sturdier but similar pattern and then I will begin exploring creations on my own!
In other news, I had dinner at Maggie's parents house for the third weekend in a row :).... Maggie is working on a mural in the elevator they just had installed (their house is heaven hah) so I spent the afternoon knitting with her mother and poring over my new sewing books.... I finished a pair of fingerless mittens which I will post a picture of tomorrow... for now I just wanted to share my little bag :)..... finally got my camera back but the battery is dead heh....
Ok, bedtime for me.... some of my fave students are coming to camp this week so I want to be super energized tomorrow yippyyyy!

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