Friday, March 16, 2012


hi, bloggerrr........... yet another disgustingly large amount of time has passed since my last entry. sorry.
anyways i forgot about you but i was talking to a friend last night and remembered that i, do indeed, have a blog! so i felt like using u today.
i looked at some pictures of another friend's trip to thailand and was instantly bit by the travel bug... this usually ends up with the planning of a trip which gets booked within the next week or so but this morning was different. if all goes as planned (go ahead and laugh, god) i will be done with my masters and certification by december of this year and ready to move to germany by january of 2013.... i have been back and forth over this in my head so many times but it occured to me last week that i will probably NEVER be fully ready for this move so i might as well just go when the opportunity presents itself and not plan to wait any longer than necessary. so... this is my declaration to the universe that i DO want to move in january. now if that actually happens or not isn't my decision but i will lay the groundwork.
soooo despite this infuriating desire to book a trip to spain i will sit on my hands, or better yet i will go get coffee and take a long walk around the beautiful city i live in today and let my travel bug pass.... because if i keep putting one foot in front of the other than it's a reality that i could (possibly) be living in germany at this time next year and satisfying my travel bug with a weekend trip to bruges..... i don't want to get my hopes up as i know that opportunities are limited in germany right now, but i can't help getting a little tiny bit excited...... life is so weird.
spanks for letting me share.

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