Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sneakily Seductive Songs

We have a variety of cds like cat stevens, peter paul & mary, raffi, etc. that we listen to at school for the most part but then there a few random compilations that we put on and i don't care for at first but then slowly i start to like them and the songs are stuck in my head against my will for days at a time! here are a few of my current fave random selections..... ok the first one i never didn't like...

AND THEN here is one that we do not play at school ha but that i just also can't get out of my head ever since my long car ride up to massachusetts. oh i never actually wrote about that trip did i.... well my mother had to move out of the house i grew up in so i went up to see the place one last time and collect my things. i don't feel like writing much more about it right now but i rented a car and drove (yeeks!) and fell madly in love with sirius radio (particularly the bridge station) and with this song which was connnnstantly on :)

enjoy........ i know i am.......

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